Omer Aslam

Founded in 2014, Studio198 is the brainchild of Omer Aslam. Passionate about design and eager to stretch the boundaries of interior design, Omer loves using unusual and eye catching materials to create stunning panels that work just as well outdoors as they do indoors.

Demonstrating passion for creativity at an early age, Omer has progressed to attain numerous qualifications from world’s leading art schools such as Chelsea College of Arts and London Metropolitan University.

Working as a freelance interior designer in London, Omer has secured high profile residential contracts allowing him to express creativity and find a niche within luxury interior design market.

In early 2015, the artist was commissioned to create a number of panels for a residential projects which were very well received. Due to the influx of positive feedback regarding his pieces the artist made the decision to take the collective of his creative works to the next level by using his formal education in Interior Design as well as his industry experience and own personal flare to create something new that would enhance the feel and ambience of any given room. Omer has had the support and demand to expand his designs and founded Studio198, rapidly developing a reputation for innovative and luxurious, bespoke wall paneling designs.