About Studio 198

Based in London, Studio198 has taken a new approach to wall panels and coverings within luxury interior design. With extensive knowledge of the industry, we take a personal approach, working with interior designers to create entirely bespoke designs that cater for your client’s every need. 

Produced in our London studio, our high quality aluminium based panels are hand decorated with a wide range of materials to create the desired look and finishes and sealed with layers of waterproof epoxy resin.


These unique and visually stunning designs can be produced in almost any shape, colour and scale whilst also being light weight, durable and environmentally friendly, allowing us to create truly striking and captivating centerpieces, perfect for residential, business and hospitality environments, both indoors and outdoors.

Our beautiful and lightweight wall panels are constructed from high quality sheets of aluminium, selected for its environmental qualities, smooth finish, light weight and rigidity.

We have two types of aluminium to choose from; standard 1mm thickness and aluminium dibond (two sheets compressed together) with a 3mm thickness. Each panel has a print applied which is then hand painted with a selection of materials to create the required look and finish.

Materials and finishes include: metallic and acrylic paints, glitter, stone and resin. Once a design is completed, each panel is sealed with several layers of resin to allow for durability and add a waterproof protective layer. Our finished wall panels are lightweight and incredibly easy to install, creating a unique and captivating focal point to almost any space.